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Here at Webster’s Prime our staff, guests and suppliers are more than just that, they’re family.


Executive Chef / General Manager

I came to Greenleaf to open Zazios in October 2004 from the award winning Milano Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. At Zazios, we forged relationships with local growers and farmers. These relationships continue with our team at Webster’s Prime, focusing on clean flavors, fresh combinations, and stressing the importance of our food’s “chain of custody” for the center of the plate concept. When not in the restaurant, you’ll find me golfing, laughing with grandkids, or smiling with my lovely wife Amy.


Webster’s “Goddess” our Extraordinaire
Event Director / Beverage Director / Floor Supervisor (Server and Bartender when she can squeeze that in too)

From serving through college, shaking drinks at our bar, or supervising a busy floor, I have been fortunate enough to call Webster’s Prime my home for roughly 8 years. Throughout this time, my Webster’s Prime family has enabled me to pursue my passion for people. The relationships I am able to create within my team and with every guest at Webster’s is a unique and special one, and for that, I am exceptionally grateful. When I am not doing one of my many roles at the restaurant, you will find me drinking a sparkling wine, listening to Steve Wonder, and thrifting. A conga line is also occasionally involved.


Lead Line Chef

I started Banquet serving in 2012, within a year I found a home in Webster’s kitchen. Constantly challenged and always learning, it was hard to say no to any opportunity to be part of the culture. I am the “younger brother” of the team, (like the one no one wanted!) but it’s an honor.


Line / Resident Pasta Chef

I joined the Greenleaf Family in August of 2010 at Zazios Birmingham as a humble dishwasher. It was there that I witnessed, first hand, the process of simple yet beautiful food preparation and execution. In January of 2013 I was asked if I'd be interested in moving to Kalamazoo to continue my career at Zazios, and without hesitation I picked up and moved (quite literally overnight). I learned and honed my skills working under Chef John Korycki, who helped to teach and share the principles of Italian cuisine with me for the next 2.5 years until he went to head the culinary program at KVCC. I joined the Websters family only recently, but their drive and passion for food was the same as mine. When not in the Kitchen, I enjoy the therapy of my drum set, reading, and computer gaming.


Lead Bartender

I have been one of the bartenders here for almost 3 years. I love creating new cocktails and conversing with the many regulars and fun new guests that walk into the lounge. When I’m not at work, I like to do projects around my new house and enjoy spending time with my extended “Framily”!


Lead Bartender

As my 6 year anniversary is shining around the corner, I couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant to explore my love and talent in the hospitality business. My role in the Tasting Room has helped me reach new goals in and out of the beautiful mahogany walls of our Webster’s lounge. My Fiancé and I share the dream of owning our first home on the lake, and are cherishing these new moments. I am a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers and college football. I look forward to cheering on these games with our friends, new and familiar faces, in the Tasting Room this Fall!


Server / Bartender

I am the second newest addition to Webster’s Prime and am very excited to be a part of this team. I recently received my Bachelor’s from WMU in Communications and Social Work. When I am not working, I enjoy anything outside, preferably in the mountains or on a body of water, and I love spending time with my dog, Lilly.



I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2011 with degrees in English and Public Relations. While serving started as a college job, I’ve really fallen in love with the industry – especially since joining the Webster’s team. When I’m not serving up Wagyu beef and truffled potato gratin (my favorites!), you can find me reading on the front porch, biking the KRVT with a bottle of wine in my backpack, adventuring with friends or spending time with my family.



I’ve been with my Webster’s family for two amazing years. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University, the Radisson, and Webster’s Prime all make up this fun little town I call home. When I’m at work, I get to serve the locals as well as travelers from near and far. Each guest interaction brings a new story to tell and a new friend of the restaurant. When I’m not at work, you can find me on the boat with my doggie Tate, drinking an Oberon.


Lead Hostess / Event Administrator

I joined Greenleaf Hospitality Group in 2006.  I started in the floral shopped, crossed trained then worked full time in RIO when the floral shoppe closed, spent some time in the housekeeping department until I found my new home here in Webster's in 2015.  When I am not here at work I am usually found running the streets training for races, as I love to run and have ran several half marathons and a few full marathons. 



I started working at Webster’s Prime after returning home from attending Rhema Bible Training center in Tulsa Oklahoma. After two years here I received a full time position at Valley Family Church as the Assimilation Director which merited me slowly transitioning out of the Websters family in order to fully immerse myself in my new role. After some hinting that I’d be more than welcomed back, I am so excited and honored to step back onto this team where I am truly in awe of the caliber of our chefs and their creative cooking, I get to work with my ‘little brother’ Kyle (yes, we do want him), and to work alongside this very small team, with the widest variety of personalities and lifestyles, and have fun while doing it!

I am fueled by caramel macchiatos and close friends, average seeing one movie a week in theaters (it’s the buttered popcorn), and very much love my dog, Binky.
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Webster's Prime


The Webster’s crew loves where we are, and celebrating our area’s ingredients and culture. Webster’s Prime is our interpretation of the best Michigan and our planet has to offer, from our family of staff to the ingredients on the plate.

We know you have choices in your dining experience, and we truly appreciate your time and choice of Webster’s Prime.


Radisson Plaza Hotel
2nd Floor
100 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001